• 18:51 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :D I love my friiiiiiends <3 #
  • 05:38 Tim & Eric :'D Is this one new?! #
  • 05:39 WTF Josh Groban?! XDD #
  • 05:42 @ChibiSeme YES. WTF? I never saw this one XD; #
  • 05:42 @Super_Orbit B'aw D': #
  • 05:49 @ChibiSeme I fangirled when I saw David Wain, too :D <3 #
  • 08:25 What you say today may be less important than what you do beca... More for Gemini #
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  • 10:12 I was just reading a Silent Hill article on Wikipedia when my fricken' tv goes all fuzzy! @__@;; #
  • 15:16 'Deer on the loose... Deer on the loose!' X'D #
  • 15:32 @ChibiSeme Tonight, my deer, you're gonna be on the news :D #
  • 15:32 #
  • 17:02 A voice just came from my iPod. It said, 'Good adternoon' with a hispanic accent O.O;; Wtf?! #
  • 17:02 @Marlee2552 ROOOOOOOXANNE' #
  • 17:47 Silent Hill: the one fandom that we can cosplay and actually pwn the Asian ones XD #
  • 20:03 @lolitacide Where do you do your RPing? I'm trying to get into it again XD;; #
  • 20:12 I think I might change my AOL screen name. #
  • 08:25 You could easily fall into an analytical trap set by today's A... More for Gemini #
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  • 19:24 Just turned some online friends into new 'Pushing Daisies' fans :'D #
  • 02:01 @ChibiSeme Did you ever find Silent Hill 4? D: #
  • 02:04 @Super_Orbit Who? o.O #
  • 03:29 So Silent Hill 4 and Fatal Frame 2 + 3 are missing :/ #
  • 06:26 @ChibiSeme Like that was the gayest thing that's happened in the show! XD #
  • 06:31 Can't wait for new Demetri Martin 8DD #
  • 07:36 Home Movies theme = my new ringtone X] #
  • 08:29 This is a great time for you to make plans because your mind i... More for Gemini #
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  • 10:07 That was actually really sad ;__; #
  • 10:19 Well, I beat 385/2 Days ;__; #
  • 10:19 OMG ;O; Stop the theme music! Stop it! #
  • 15:16 @Marlee2552 I want the duck on a swing shirt! XD #
  • 15:27 @grahamcoxon Is it all snowy over there? #
  • 18:11 @Marlee2552 Maybe he was trying to go Super Saiyan XD #
  • 19:27 Alex somewhat inspired me to update my LJ XD #
  • 22:28 I feel like a Hikkomori XD; #
  • 07:56 'One Foot in the Grave', that was the name of the old British show I remember watching on PBS when I was a kid. I couldn't remember it's-- #
  • 07:56 --name and it was driving me crazy XD; #
  • 08:26 It's easy for you to make something sound better than it is be... More for Gemini #
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Random Update (Possible KH 358/2 Days spoilers, so tread lightly!)

Now I feel like I should update more often XD; But Twitter usually does that for me, so... Aw, what the hell, I'll just post some random things!


• I beat Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days last night :D Aside from being sad over the ending, I was more disappointed that it was already over :/ Well, I guess I'll start a new game in Proud Mode and continue leveling up and unlocking things in my old one :] In the end, I ended up liking Xion more than I used to. She came off as way too 'original RP character' to me at first, but she grew on me a little. At least her and Namine aren't EXACTLY like Kairi. Xion's (rightfully) angstier, I think.

• I've got a hard-on for French! :'D

• I REALLY want to see 'The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus'(sp?). All of these actors I love... @o@;;

• After the weather clears up I'd like to find a job nearby. Maybe I'll work at the Thrift Store with Bobby :'D Come to think of it, the Thrift Store is probably my ideal environment XD Old clothes, hats, movies, books, trinkets, etc. It's where I get half of my cosplay materials anyway!

• It occurred to me at Dairy Queen a few days ago that I can't make small talk to save my life. I mean, I already knew that, but I felt bad for the lady at the counter who was trying to talk to me (about ice cream flavors and how she likes a ton of truffles in her Blizzard XD). I mean, I try for the sake of being polite, but my head just totally goes blank in these situations x__x; It's emberassing and makes me feel like an ass.

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  • 15:10 Fuck. Just, fuck. I feel like the worst person. #
  • 15:12 I wish being scared didn't rule my life. #
  • 23:45 @therainsmelody Be careful DX #
  • 23:52 @therainsmelody Is someone giving you 'the eye'? 8| #
  • 02:02 @Takusen I feel ya. Welcome to the club :/ #
  • 02:20 @Takusen Oh yeah, in into that whole scene XD #
  • 02:25 @zakkary09 I'm in the FaceBook group XD; #
  • 02:27 @Takusen No, but I'd looove to. I'm in all kinds of personality theory forums. They're really interesting. #
  • 02:29 @Takusen Once the weather clears up I'll scope them out at the library :3 #
  • 08:08 358/2 Days is ending too fast ;o; #
  • 08:27 Although you may be tempted to do your own thing today, you'll... More for Gemini #
  • 09:39 Maaan, this games gotten weird o.O #
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  • 04:51 First time I've heard Axel reffered to as Lea in this game >> #
  • 04:59 @therainsmelody You seemed upset last night, are you alright now? :/ #
  • 05:21 @zakkary09 Count me in, too! XD #
  • 05:55 @therainsmelody Okay, I'm sorry. #
  • 06:06 Kind of WTFing and freaking out a little. #
  • 06:15 @Takusen I don't know what's going on and I feel like I'm going to be sick. #
  • 08:27 You may be thrown a curve ball today as a current disagreement... More for Gemini #
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