February 1st, 2010

OhayoCon 10!

Ahhh! I had so much fun! X3
I'll try my best to recall what'd happened those three days >>;


We found Ria, Alex, and Jane!
I actually got to hang out with Ria and Alex this time (since I was kinda busy at Otakon). I was kinda worried that Alex wouldn't want to talk to me, but be did, and I think he's adorable X3 <3 (Especially with Ria |Db).

By then I was already cosplaying Canada, so I was already getting shit from other Hetalia cosplayers from the time we arrived to when we left (which wasn't bad, because it was fun XD <3). There was a male Russia I particularly loved, who bopped me in the head with a sunflower periodically through the day, who was also in the 'Ask A Nation' panel and was fucking hilarious X3 <3 Btw, Ria = mah favorite Porand ever :'D Especially with her sekushi flag poses |Db

A lot of the Hetalia cosplayers that were in big groups were rather... cold/distant towards us? We could be in the same line as them and they'd hardly spare us a passing glance. Idk ;;; But! There were some really friendly ones that'd approach us and joke around (like China/Chibitalia, she was sweet :3). I'm not always sure how to respond to people who actually come up to talk to me (besides trying to be nice). I get so nervous and flustered XD;;;

There was a Hetalia photoshoot on the stairs Saturday, but I felt too shy to jump in ;;; All the really good cosplayers made me feel inferior, and I didn't want to be intrusive or anything, so... yeeeah...

Some guy in a Captain America hoodie (who obviously had no idea what Hetalia was) took his picture with me XD;;;

Btw, Marlee, there were SOOO many Vocaloid cosplayers XD;;; Mostly Miku, of course, but I DID see a cute Kaito eating ice cream <3

Well, I'll try and update this again later when more memories return to me >>;;;

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